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Cabaqui S.A.:
CABAQUI SA started operation in Ecuador on November 12, 2002 exporting premium bananas. With headquarters in the city of Machala, known as the "Banana Capital of the World" in the province of El Oro

CABAQUI has managed to meet the highest standards of quality for all the banana importing markets worldwide which has allow us to become well recognized among Ecuadorian exporters.

In the course of time we have grown, as a company allowing us to develop new markets such as Europe, USA, Middle East and Russia, in return we are able to offer our producers and also our workers in our own plantations a more stable and reliable cooperation.

Administrative Structure:

Commercial Director

  • Atilio Solano T.

Administrative and Financial Manager

  • Ing. Jessenia Matamoros
  • PBX: (+593) 72938327 / 72938384 ext. 26

Purchasing and Quality Manager

  • Ing. Luis Ramón
  • PBX: (+593) 72938327 / 72938384 ext. 18

Port Operations Manager

  • Galo Aray
  • PBX: (+593) 72938327 / 72938384

Customer Service